Erhu Jiang Jian-Hua


Ms. Jiang Jian-Hua, a native of Shanghai in the People’s Republic of China, first learned the erhu under her uncle at the age of ten. She started her overseas performances, which spanned over Europe, Africa, South-East Asia and more, when she was 13 years old.
In 1974, she was admitted to Central Conservatory of Music China. In 1986, she was appointed to be Associate Professor at the conservatory.
In 1978, Seiji Ozawa visited China and was deeply touched by her performance. Since then, Ms. Jiang was consequently invited to be the soloist at the Tanglewood Music Festival, Boston Symphony Orchestra and San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, all of which brought her great admirations from the audiences. In 1986, she received the great honor to be recognized as the “First Class National Player” by the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China.
In 1986, at the opening concert of the Suntory Hall with New Japan Philharmonic, she played the erhu Concerto especially composed for her by Kei Anjo under the direction of Seiji Ozawa. In 1988, she performed a solo-recital at the Casals Hall Opening Concert. In the same year, she had a great success in Seiji Ozawa’s Children Concert where she played Zigeunerweisen with the erhu.
In April of 1989, at the subscription Concert of Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Seiji Ozawa, she played “The Shadow of Wind” composed by Kei Anjo, which credited her for her exceeding technique and artistic delicacy.
In 1990, Ms Jiang was invited to perform with Shanghai Symphony Orchestra at the Carnegie Hall at the occasion of the Centenary Gala Concert of the Foundation of the Hall. Thereafter, she traveled with the orchestra to tour various cities in the United States for a month, which was then hailed highly by the critics.
Ms. Jiang also appeared on the stage of Oji Hall Opening Concert in 1992. Her touching playing, that she presented in 1995 at Seiji Ozawa’s Sixty-Year-Old Congratulatory Concert, inspired and moved the hearts of many artists and audience.
In the same year, both at Suntory Hall, Tokyo and Osaka Symphony Hall, the erhu Concerto “Hiten for Erhu and Orchestra” composed and dedicated to her by Maki Ishii, was premiered by Ms Jiang, herself.
She has been leading an exceedingly active career as co-performer with Japanese musicians and toured with Hidetaro Honjo, a Japanese Shamisen player and joined the Rinken Band of Okinawa Music. Ms. Jiang also appeared at the “Last Emperor” Concert, in which the music was composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto.
Till date, she has released numerous CDs under Columbia and Victor label. In “The world of Erhu” released under Columbia, it includes one of the most famous theme music of all times, “the Last Emperor”. With her 7th release from Victor label “Hometown Passion”, she won the “Special Award” during 2003 Japan Gold Disc Awards. In December of the same year, the theme song from NHK’s TV drama was included in the CD titled “Ocean Road to China”. Her latest CD was released in June 2004, titled “Best album from East and West”
Ms. Jiang is managed by Kajimoto Concert Management of Japan. She currently performs actively in Japan, and teaches at the Takasaki Junior College for Fine Arts and Music as a guest professor.