Chamber Music I Musici


In the year 1951 when the Second World War had recently ended, excitement pervaded the whole of Europe. The emphasis was on rebuilding. This wasn’t limited to physical walls as even men’s spirits needed to be strengthened. Culture was the propeller of this rebirth.

Rome, the cradle of art, was the place where twelve young recently qualified musicians, almost exclusively from the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia and the Remy Principe school, converged. Making music was their passion. They chose a simple name, typically Italian sounding, “I Musici”, an ancient and noble way of calling themselves musicians. They made their debut at Santa Cecilia in Rome on March 30th, 1952.

By some happy chance, Arturo Toscanini heard them and, extremely moved said: “I heard twelve young people, they were good, very good. No, music won’t die.”

Our story started at this point, and although seeming in the distant past, is still so alive in the memory of the founding musicians and is still so present in the minds of those who joined afterwards, that we lived through it without realising that sixty years have passed.